Not that we can't make noodles, I mean --don't tell the Chef-- but anyone can stick some ramen in boiling water, and sure we are very low budget, so we have eaten more than of our share of instant noodles, but we MAKE GAMES, not noodles.

Noodles Now

we're not really "pros"!

Not that we don't have our moments, but we're more like the nerd who wonders a lot about how cars would navigate if they could fly, or the artist guy who does great cartoons, or that girl who can do real funny voices.  But we play games, so we thought what the hell...


We made a game! If you would give it a spin, and possibly buy an upgrade or two, or tell us how to make it better, that would be nice!

Artist guy and voice girl (nerd not shown).

WAY more than our share of instant noodles.