Noodles Now


I'll give you tips!

flying tips:

You young punks have it easy. Back in my day cars had 'wheels' and had to be 'steered'.  Nowadays all it takes is a swipe of a finger to cruise the lev-tracks.

Swipe to the left, or right, or swipe a 'U', and you'll turn left, or right, or make a U-turn at the next track intersection.

Swipe up or down and you can go up or down. Fly too low and you'll scrape asphalt and slow down.

delivery tips:

To make it even easier for you lazy bums, the Noodles Now shop sets out 'Delivery Target Beacons'! No more knocking on doors and handing the customers their noodles. Now just drive through the beacon and the food and tips are swapped automatically.  The beacons even show up on your scooter's nav-map to help you out.

Honestly I don't know why we even pay you guys.


Oh and during festival time the city floats these stupid sky lanterns all over the city.  Sure you can get free stuff like extra mission time, cash, speed boosts and scooter energy, but I pay you to deliver noodles, not to chase down pretty lanterns, so watch the clock!

`Cause if you don't make your deliveries on time you loose your tips and most likely your job! No one likes cold noodles!

final TIPS:

About your scooter's power: since I'm such a generous guy I'll charge up your scooter overnight, but if you run outta juice during the day, the refill is on your dime! I'm not running a charity here!

Also you may want to watch out for the traffic, 'cause it sure isn't gonna watch out for you!

Any Questions?

Hit the 'CONNECT' tab and fill out the form and we'll try to help you out!